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【Announcement on ending the support service for PriCam】
We would like to extend our deep appreciation for a long patronage for PriCam, but we regret to inform you that we have stopped its support service at July 15(Fri.), 2016.
Thank you for your continuing support.


Use the Super Skin-Beatifier filter to take a super pretty pic, and decorate it to make your one and only cute picture and share it with the rest of the world!

Use the PriCam to make your pic the super cutest in the world! (ゝз・)b

This app is loaded with features gals love
so this camera app is super popular among Japanese gals (′ω`*人)

Smartphone app that lets you take photos with the Super Skin-Beautifier filter, and decorate nicely with various other filters, frames, stamps, korokoro pens.

More decoration tools will be added later! Make super cute pictures anytime anywhere!

You can share your decorated pictures with your friends on twitter/facebook/mixi (。ゝω・人-ω・。)

No need for a purikura machine! Just a PriCam!
And it’s FREE! Download it and use it with all of your friends!

PriCam app Website

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